Drinks In Games Part I: A Virtual Bar Crawl

Games create phenomenal environments, vast landscapes and immersive surroundings to discover as you carve your path through the story. All this exploring can be thirsty work though, galavanting around the broad plains of Red Dead works up a mighty craving for a beverage, a lust for liquor.

Making Hidden Moves

Before lockdown started, I played a whole lot of board games. I would meet with friends numerous times a week to get my fix, visiting my local board game café more often than I’d like to admit, and like most board gamers I enjoyed the process of learning a new game with pals.

What happened to Hipster Cafe?

Some time ago, one of the things that seemed worth discussing was the rising coffee prices and ever more elaborate cafés popping up in cities around the world. I found myself sitting in some kind of Japanese arcade-inspired cocktail bar in Dalston, the heart of the Hipster community of London.

Gaming in the age of COVID

It is 17 March and I am pinballing down the high street in the rain buying last minute essentials.
The weekend previous had seen a bunch of large social event games cancelled due to covid-19
and people are hoarding toilet paper, eggs, pasta and hand wash as we realise the country
would soon be going into lockdown.

Searching For Street Fighter

Legend had it there was a black cab rank by Kings Cross that housed an arcade machine that the best gamers in London would use. We tried investigating with… varied results.