In 2018 we hosted our E3 watch party and bar conference, like the big triple-A counterparts we wanted to have a game available at the end for people to play. For that game idea, we got in touch with our friends IGNUK to bring their drinking game into the real world. After weeks of ‘high stakes negotiations and last-minute bids’, we secured the “rights” to make the official coasters and dish them out in the bars while stocks lasted.

How To Play Spüüklevich:

  1. Place a pint glass on a table.
  2. Place coaster so it hangs over the edge of the table.
  3. Flip the coaster towards the pint glass.
  4. If coaster lands unassisted on top of the pint glass, everyone taking part must chant “Spüüklevich” (Pronounced Spoo-Kull-Vitch) three times.
  5. Repeat.
If you want to print your own tournament grade coaster