What to Drink?

Since 2010 there’s been a whole bunch of drinks served up over the different bars over the years, some have been around since the beginning and covering everything from Assassin’s Mead to Zelda we’ve put together a whole host of our recipes for you to recreate.

The template for which drinks we create tend to be around established titles and cocktails/spirits, so Earthworm Gin, Assassins Mead this isn’t always the case but is why you don’t see us making drinks around items/in game events.


  • Terrible Puns
  • Approval from publishers
  • Will Edgecombe photography


Most things can be switched up so if you don’t have Absolut, for example, no problem, another vodka is great.
If you end up creating any of these yourself let us know how it went or tag the finished results with #LoadingBarFromAfar
You can use the drinks however you fancy but please don’t monetize or remove any credits attached.