Server Switch Saturday!

On Saturday, 24th July, in Server in Shepherd’s Bush, we’re launching Switch Saturday. From 4pm to 9pm, bring your Switch to the bar to play games with others. We’ll be there on hand with our own Switches, ready to take on anyone and everyone. We have talented Rocket League and Street Fighter players on staff! We’ve also got a spare joycons to loan on the day if you need a few extra for a heated Mario Kart race. So, if your Switch lives permanently in the dock, here’s a great excuse to take it out and come get a few drinks and get a few games in.

As an added bonus, for this first week we’ll be running a competition. @andihero and @drinkrelaxplay will be in Server all afternoon playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, and if they manage to get a Victory Royale (something they have never done…) there will be a prize for everyone in the bar who brought their Switch with them!

It didn't go entirely to plan last week, however...

If any duo brings their Switches into the bar, teams up and gets a Victory Royale, the first duo will get a drink each on the house! Can Jimmy and Andi do better than 3rd place and bring home the gold? Come and join us.


28th July


4:00 pm



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