Loading Cocktail Menu REVAMP

If you’ve only been drinking in our two East London bars you may find yourself thinking "Its been a lifetime since they updated their menus".

Well, that changes soon! Patrons of our latest bar, Server, will already be familiar with the latest menu.

From Friday 10th of August we’ll be bringing this to Dalston and Stratford so that all three London bars offer up the same cocktail goodness. We will also roll out a host of hotfixes to make the drinks more summer friendly! By repeated sensible demand - Assassins Mead will contain ACTUAL MEAD and there will also be a whole new page of classics like an Old Fashioned, Mojitos and Espresso Martini’s that will join the line up with our 'remasters' selection. Again, all this will be available in all London bars. So join us Friday 10th August from 7pm and try them before anyone else!

This is also your heads-up that Alien Inebriation and Conker's Bad Pour Day are leaving the menu for the time being, so get a round in quick!


10th August


7:00 pm



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