It's the fourth Wednesday of the month so that means its Gamerdisco X Server time again!

This month, we've teamed up with the dudes at Clash Royale, awesome mobile game from Supercell to bring you guys an EXCLUSIVE GamerdiscoClash Nights event - where you can train under some of the best Clash players around! Check out how below....

We're really chuffed to welcome resident DJ Jet Set Rory, back from his Eastern travels and he's brought a few select tunes, grooves & prizes with!

You know the drill, it'll be a ton of fun, prizes to be won, tunes to be spun and drinks to be drun-k. This'll be the last Gamerdisco X Server for 2018 so come join us to see the year out with a bang!

Clash Royale
We'll be running a 2v2 tournament, where an experienced Clash player (Senpai) will coach a team of 2 from total newbies to absolute glory! ...or death and elimination, there's no guarantees in this life after all. Best of 3 with single elimination and prizes for the 2v2 finalists! Details below on how to DL and sign up!

To round off our last Server event of the year, we thought we'd see how well you'd honed your skills on three of the best 4 player titles we've shown off this year!

WeirdBeard's Tricky Towers is first up, how high can you get to take home the prize! Banjos at the ready you all know this one, it's the opposite of Tetris, 4 players battling it out all on one ruddy great screen!

Big Pixel Studios #MegaCoinSquad is next! 4 player blast em up fun with all sorts of weapons, punches, and... piggy banks?

Last but not least, we'll have some chaotic mini game madness with Marooners! Pick your fave Treasure Hunter and collect coins, run jump and slap each other into submission as you overcome the curse of the island!

To download on the App store go here: and on Google play click this: and obviously you'll stand a better chance of winning if you do get some practise in! You can also join our "Senpai Meetup" ahead of the night.

You don't need to pre-download to participate but you absolutely should and to bag yourself a Senpai ahead of the event, tweet @GamerDisco and @ClashNights or post below, a screenshot of your first victory saying "NOTICE ME SENPAI!" to receive a special gift on the night! You can also join the meetup and stay up to date from ingame dash! Scroll right to Meet Ups and looks for Senpai Royale.

More details on the specifics and an online link to join can be found on the event subpage here...

For details on the game and other meetups, have a peep at the website:
There's also a great tutorial here, for tips on how to play and more importantly, win!
...aaaaaand you can follow them on Twitter @ClashNightsLDN and join the discord group here -

Hit Going/Interested to stay up to date and look forward to seeing you all there!

You can also check out all our previous GamerDisco sets on our Mixcloud page (over 50 now!!): and follow us on Facebook Gamerdisco and Twitter (@GamerDisco) for details of all upcoming events!


FREE ENTRY / Over 18s only
Doors: All day / 7pm Start
Close: 11.30pm
Dress Code: wear clothes


28th November


7:00 pm



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