We’re inviting you to take a front row seat as Pete Donaldson (Wrestle Me, Football Ramble, Absolute Radio) presents our bar keynote speech revealing everything we’re going to get upto over the next 12 months.

This year we’re moving things over to the Loading Coliseum - Loading Server in Shepherd’s Bush because it’s the biggest space and has the best air con.

Last year we revealed Brighton officially and only got the date wrong by about two months! We also added Iron Bru on tap which despite the sugar tax and the fact not that many people drank it was a breathtaking success!

Tickets for the evening are £10  - What does that get you?

Entry into our “Bottle Royal” mode! (More on that shortly)

A piece of Loading merch that we’ll never make again! (promise it's not just a cheap pin badge)

A free coffee/Red Bull at 1.30am just before the Sony conference!

...and more bits we’ll announce on the night!


Bottle Royale Mode - we’ll dish out 100 numbered bottles of beer, just before the Ubisoft conference and we’ll whittle those down to one sole survivor who’ll walk away with a prize bundle thanks to a host of our lovely friends like Devolver/Sony/Big Potato Games/Red Bull.

(if you’re low income or media and fancy coming along, send us an email at [email protected])


11th June


5:30 pm



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