D&D 101 - Dungeons & Dragons for beginners!

Couldn't tell an Abyssal from an Aarakokra?

Always known you had a badass axe-wielding Tiefling Warlock inside you, but didn't quite know to how to set her free?

Or do you just wanna be as cool as those adorable kids from Stranger Things?

The class of D&D 101 is in session!

A laid back meet up for aspiring adventurers, with the aim of sending you home with a basic knowledge of the world of the Forgotten Realms. With a resident DM (that's Dungeon Master to you) on hand to run you through the basics, we'll help you take your first steps into the amazing, but often intimidating universe of Dungeons & Dragons in a relaxed, judgement free environment.

⚔ Meet other wannabe Heroes!
⚔ Dice sets, screens, core books and 5 starter sets available!
⚔ Take home character sheets!

For beginners of all ages. Bring a group or come solo. Totally £Free!


20th December


5:30 pm


Side Quest

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