BARHAMMER - Warhammer Weekly

So Dalston has Table Top Tuesday and Stratford has a D&D night so we thought it was about time we did something for people that like their table top things miniature.

We’ve teamed up with Dave Jewitt to lay on Barhammer every Tuesday. We’ll have tables dedicated to all things Games Workshop, Age of Sigmar and 40k with plenty of other table space for people that prefer none GW titles. And, hopefully, the name is legally distinct enough from Warhammer not to get us sued!

We’ll have Warhammer Shadespire for people looking for a quick game that’s easy to get into, some skirmishing with the First Strike and Know No Fear sets for Space Marine fans.  A paint table to use if you’ve bought a pint (and some free Space Marines for you to paint if you’ve never tried before!)

We’ve got a host of materials (Clippers, glue, mats etc) to help lighten the load so whether you know what your doing and just want to a place to play or a complete beginner looking for a way to start this is for you.

Come hang out with some cool fans and if you’ve got any suggestions for the future, please let us know! We’re going to be expanding across The Imperium if this event proves a success.

For The Emperor!


12th June


6:00 pm



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