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Loading is a small but fast growing independent chain of gaming bars. The first Loading café opened in 2010 in Cornwall, offering free board and video games in a relaxed café setting.

Over the years we have developed a set of features that makes today’s Loading a truly unique experience:

  • It is free, has always been and hopefully will ever be.
  • It is community focused. It is not about playing games, but rather socialising with like-minded people.
  • It is very inclusive. You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy Loading – we have everything any other bar/café has to offer, so no pressure!
  • It brings together gamers and game developers. Watch out for special events and socials!
  • It helps independent game developers by providing free co-working space. Yes, “Made in Loading” bundle is coming.
  • We allow and encourage diversity. All our bars have different names and characters, and the management has a lot of say in which direction they want to go. The only rule is that the name should start with “S”.

Although not officially non-for-profit, we are not doing that for money. We are enthusiasts who want to make nice things happen. Please join us – as a customer, team member, or collaborator.








(Shepherds Bush)

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