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March 07, 2020

Lockdown got us thinking about how Loading could remain a place where gamers hang out, be it online or in person. If you’re staying away from bars for the time being, we’d like to offer you a digital Loading experience.

We first gathered our party and ventured forth to the realm of writing in 2015 with a Loading zine. Turns out that printing things is both hard and expensive, however, the idea of showcasing the amazing world of games through writing has stayed with us. 

With gaming approaching the next generation, we realized Loading needs a next-gen upgrade as well. We may not have lots of teraflops to brag about, but you’ll be able to find plenty of new and exciting stuff here at Loading.bar:

We’ve raided the archives to dig out our best cocktail recipes from the last ten years, ranging from fan tributes, official tie-ins and a few new additions for you to browse and recreate at home.

For articles, we’ve gathered a mix of old hands looking for one last payday, the best of established writers and new voices all offering up different takes on all things gaming. If you want to find out how Cards Against Humanity might not be a game after all or read the tale of a mythical Street Fighter cabinet, Loading is where it’s at.

If you fancy helping the cause more than you already are by reading this, you can check out our Merch section to bring Loading to you by post.

You can also visit one of our friends using the affiliate links which will help us commission more pieces and expand the digital team:

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We also need to give a huge shout out to Coast to Capital who helped make this whole website project possible.

Thanks for checking us out and whether you’ve visited one of our bars or are just finding out about us now, thank you!